PCB Mount SSR - Satronix PCB mount Solid State Relays are an excellent choice for high frequency switching applications in Factory Automation, medical equipment, I/O Modules or for control inputs from a position controller.

Available in:

- AC Output upto 16 Amps  (Type -: SJDA-... / SDA-...). Click for datasheet

- DC Output upto 25 Amps (Type -: SDD-.. / SDP-...). Click for datasheet


Important Features

  • Our PCB Mount SSR provide economical photo coupler isolation which can be connected directly to IC logic circuits such as TTL, CMOS etc. Available using three quadrant (3Q) triac

  • AC Output SSR is available with either Zero cross-over voltage turn-on  OR random turn-on/zero current turn-off.

  • AC Output SSR offers ultra-low leakage on use of 3Q triac .

  • No noise feedback from O/P to I/P circuits.

  • Fast switching response.

  • Long life highly reliable.

  • Requires minimum actuation power.

  • Terminator pins are polarized to prevent reverse plugging.


General Specifications -:

  • I/P: 3-32 VDC

  • Load: 25-330 VAC/ (3, 5 and 25 Amps with in-built heat sink for 5 Amps and above)

  • Load: 25-200 VDC/3 Amps

  • PCB/chassis mount SSR

  • Load: 25-330 VAC/7 Amps